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CERN magnet short circuit today March 24, 2015

GENEVA (Reuters) – Scientists at Europe’s CERN research center have had to postpone the imminent relaunch of their refitted ‘Big Bang’ machine, the Large Hadron Collider, because of a short-circuit in the wiring of one of the vital magnets. “Current indications suggest a delay of between a few days and several weeks,” a statement from

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Big Bang Machine CERN Large Hadron Collider Playing God ?

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider due for final completion this year. The international project has captured the imaginations of science enthusiasts, as well as science-fiction enthusiasts. The collider’s power has been doubled now, and it will have many times more power than any other comparable facility in the world, and with that power comes many other

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B/S ALERT Joan Rivers Alive and well ~ Feb 2015 w Clive Davis ( SEE THE VIDEOS )

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HAARP experiments, and laboratory tests prove that Microwaves can induce plasma discharge.

HAARP experiments, and laboratory tests prove that Microwaves can induce plasma discharge. US Navy did the experiments, the results speak for themselves. S-Band RADAR induces plasma airglow…. meaning… S-Band RADAR like NEXRAD can strip electrons in the atmosphere, causing heating, electron buildup, and eventually plasma discharge (lightning or precursor to lightning). It is proved electron

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US General Exposes 9/11 And Admits Our News Is Paid Pets And 75% Fake ! Shocking Video!

Glenn Canady (Friend me!) and LIKE my Facebook Page and Truth Warriors Page! Watch the first video on and open a Doorway to God! Everybody gets something different! Those who join Project Nsearch will discover ways to make extra income and get free ebooks on natural cures, free energy and spreading more truth! You’ll

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If the Moon Landings Were Real, Then Why is NASA Stumped by This Van Allen Belts ?

During the cold war era the Soviet Union and the United States were locked in an arms and technology race, each nation wanting to prove their dominance over the other, each striving to be the next reigning superpower in a world still shattered by the second world war. The Soviet’s took the lead when in

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Obama cracks wise about Kenya, birth certificates

“Everybody looks wonderful,” Obama said at Saturday’s Gridiron Club dinner. “It’s like Downton Abbey — except less funny. ” During his 12-minute routine at the Gridiron — one of a string of spring dinners at which presidents and other politicians are expected to tell jokes — Obama made fun of opponents, allies, and himself. Referring

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ARE YOU GOING BANKRUPT ? Guess Who’s About To Go Bankrupt in America!!

No one believed Porter Stansberry six years ago. As head of one of America’s largest independent financial research firms, Mr. Stansberry’s work back in 2008 led him to a bold, but worrisome, conclusion: That the world’s largest mortgage bankers–Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which at the time were responsible for nearly 50% of all the

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Constitution’s “Origination Clause”: Why Revenue Bills Start in the House, Part 1

This is Part 1 of a three part series discussing the Constitution’s Origination Clause.  Part 2 explains the Senate procedure of  “gut and replace”. Part 3 explains why “gut and replace” violates the Constitution. There are overriding principles embodied in the US Constitution, derived from the Declaration of Independence.  These principles are beliefs about the

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Putin’s Chief bodyguard was killed

Putin’s Chief bodyguard was killed, the source Sources from Moscow confirmed the information about the death of the Chief bodyguard of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin General Victor Zolotova. It is reported by journalist Aleksey Mochanov, news broadcasts “press of Ukraine». «Information about the death of the Chief deity of the ohoronâêmoï

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