Electronic Systems CenterI AMS, Lockhead, HAARP, NOAA, General Dynamics and DARPA dots//10/27/2012 — Hurricane Sandy MICROWAVE ANOMALY

NOAA Maps Reveal Totally Disrupted Climate

October 27, 2012


The geoengineers appear to have become quite desperate to keep hidden the true extent of climate disintegration. The irony is that the ongoing massive global spraying programs, (SAG and SRM) are likely by far the single largest causal factor in the deterioration of global weather patterns.

The ongoing saturation of the troposphere and stratosphere with nano particle geoengineering particulates is certainly the major cause of the ever expanding global drought conditions. The effect of particulates in the atmosphere on precipitation is well documented and not disputed in any scientific study. These particulates, in addition to being highly toxic to all that lives, cause drought, period. The sprayed particles also shred ozone, also well documented in science study. “Forecasts” as unbalanced as the one below from NOAA were never seen until very recently.(NOAA is now little more than a branch of private defense contractorRaytheon” who is neck deep in the geoengineering issue. This makes the “forecasts” little more than “scheduled” weather)

Climate and weather is now swinging radically from one extreme to another. Again, the hugely disruptive global geoengineering programs are a major part of this disruption. As we head further into winter, more and more storms are being sprayed with “ice nucleating” agents. This process turns what should have been a rain event into a snow event at temperatures far above freezing. (See “ice nucleation for weather modification OR Chinese create snow storms. This process also greatly reduces the overall precipitation.) As the ice nucleation process unfolds, large air masses are cooled temporarily. Radar images reveal the spraying of rain cells which cause a sudden “flash” of rain to frozen precipitation. This is occurring in regions with no orographic enhancement (mountains or high elevation zones) As these rain cells migrate, they fade back to rain and then suddenly “flash” back to snow” as additional nucleating agents are dispersed above the storm. The heavy wet snow produced by this procedure is also extremely damaging to trees that have often not dropped there leaves due to the lack of historical cooler temperatures. Again, this is very visible on the radar images.

It is imperative that these completely decimating programs are brought to light and to a halt. All who are aware are needed to help in this dire effort.


ESC awards contract for weather system replacement




Blackanthem Military News, HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE, Mass., April 21, 2006 15:53

The Electronic System Center’s Weather Systems Division recently awarded a contract modification worth more than $9 million to Raytheon for Phase II of the Joint Environment Toolkit contract.

JET is the next generation weather system intended to integrate, extend and potentially replace multiple existing Air Force Weather Weapon System components with a single integrated system.

“JET provides an evolutionary, integrated solution to the problems created by the large footprint of numerous non-interoperable weather systems,” said Capt. Jessica Wedington, JET program manager. “It will ultimately eliminate duplicated efforts and stovepipes.”

The current systems to be integrated or replaced by JET include the Operational Weather Squadron Production System Phase II, the New-Tactical Forecast System, the Army Integrated Meteorological System weather toolkit and the Joint Weather Impacts System. JET may later be expanded to include other weather-related systems throughout the Air Force and could potentially replace weather systems throughout the Defense Department.

A particularly significant improvement over other systems and a primary benefit of JET is its ability to enhance weather operations by providing an automated interface to the command and control community.

“The operational user’s decision timelines can be significantly reduced by automatically linking weather data to command and control information,” said Dale Swanson, the JET chief engineer. “The network centric information process that will be facilitated by JET will allow for rapid data dissemination and more effective time-critical targeting.”

The contract includes hardware and software integration and development efforts, focusing on machine-to-machine and machine-to-human interfaces. ESC will lead the effort to develop and field a network-centric weather system capability, which can be tailored to specific user needs.

JET will improve the acquisition process as well. By consolidating the multiple contract vehicles used for existing systems and employing a single program manager and contractor, JET will streamline the acquisition of weather systems and save the Air Force time and resources.

The new capability will also serve to significantly reduce the training burden on the Air Force Weather Agency by allowing standard processes and training for a single system.

“JET will enhance warfighting capabilities through the implementation of service oriented architectures,” said Pat Dagle, director of the Weather Systems Division. “Our team worked closely with weather operators to determine how best to meet user requirements while at the same time providing the most cost-effective solution for the Air Force.”

During the first phase of the JET effort, Raytheon was one of two companies awarded a contract to deliver a candidate weather weapon system to the Air Force for use in a competitive fly off. The JET contract was awarded to the winner of that competition.

By 1st Lt. Stephen Fox
Electronic Systems Center Public Affairs

Connecting the Raytheon, AMS, Lockhead, HAARP, NOAA, General Dynamics and DARPA dots…..

Defense Advanced Research Program Association, or DARPA, has contracted co-operation command of the Highly Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) electromagnetic microwave ionospheric heater in Gakona, Alaska, for military communication and weapon “defense” purposes. They also take part in biological warfare “testing” over land, water, and city, whereby defense contractor jets, such as those crafted especially for war or weather programs by BAE Systems (owner of the HAARP facility) or Raytheon (owner of the HAARP patent), for the Navy and Air Force and NATO, disperse hazardous toxins into the air and then attempt to eradicate them with chemicals or jet-mounted microwave radiation weapons (like AESA). In addition, the Lockheed Martin and Boeing corporations joined up in a B2B contract with BAE and Raytheon, hardware and software hosted by none other than Microsoft, so that their defense contractor industry market could remain consistently and wirelessly networked, and would never be halted by distance, time, or situational awareness. The NOAA, a member of the Weather Modification Operations and Research Board, (partnered on that board with the American Meteorological Society and the National Science Foundation) sold its weather reporting functionality to Raytheon, who operates it now under the name Advanced Weather Information Processing System. Raytheon happens to contract many of its services and industrial airliners to the tune of global weather modification programs, such as those ever popular “global warming mitigation” or “global dimming” programs, (whereby jets utilizing liquid propane, liquid nitrogen, silver iodide, potassium chlorate, barium oxide, acrylamides, and trimethyl aluminum, spray these chemicals to replace cloud cover over entire countries) and, they’ve even managed to create, through their sub-company General Dynamics Robotics, Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles such as the Global Hawk that can fly for 72 hours, with a payload of 20,000lbs or more, running entirely on programming and artificial intelligence microwave signal networking, without landing or refueling. It’s not just local chemical “cloud seeding” or “storm prevention” anymore, as is still practiced by the state-and-regional program member companies of the Weather Modification Association.

10/27/2012 — Hurricane Sandy MICROWAVE ANOMALY

October 27, 2012

This is like a repeat of last years Hurricane Irene…

Below are the microwave images of Hurricane Sandy — October 26, 27 2012 — clearly an anomaly is occurring:

link here: (click on MIMIC option on the left menu) http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/


The microwave anomaly is on TOP of the ‘HAARP ring” pulse we saw last night Oct 26, 2012: (be aware of a tornado threat at the center of the pulse for up to 2 days AFTER the hurricane passes)



Does any of this sound familiar?  

If you’re a viewer of mine from last year — you have heard this particular scenario before !

Last year, Hurricane Irene, August 26, 2011,  we saw a microwave “anomaly” interfere with the center of the storm:


Last years microwave anomaly happened near the same time as an intense “HAARP ring” pulse from North Carolina.

Worthy to note, last year — after this pulse occurred (seen below in multiple screenshots) , 2 days later we saw TORNADOES go to the center of this pulse area:


Overall, I would say the chances of BOTH these types of events happening TWICE .. ONLY during hurricanes off the East Coast USA … are slim to none.

Most likely, a form of weather modification occurring.

Read more about the ‘HAARP ring’ pulse from RADAR — the microwave anomaly is a real unknown still — trying to figure out what is causing this.



Coming out of central Mexico:  Location La Canada Mexico — October 27, 2012(pm) going into October 28, 2012 CDT:

location:  La Canada Mexico — what are the chances?!


several screenshots high quality below : click all pics below and above to enlarge:

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The Hurricane Simulation

Westchester County Communications Officer Sandy Fried, an Amateur Radio operator and ODES staff member, had recently attended a training seminar at the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Part of the training was a simulation using data from the Hurricane of 1938 that caused major losses on Long Island and in Westchester. The texts of the simulated bulletins, forecasts, discussions and strike probabilities along with the hurricane’s track were sent home with the seminar attendees. We named the simulated hurricane after Sandy, who incidentally was nine years old during the real Hurricane of 1938.

These texts were used as the drill stimulus. They were time-shifted to simulate land-fall around 6pm on Saturday, October 4th. Working backward from this time, we used these texts to generate and automatically update a World Wide Web status page (http://www.weca.org/SET) and send email to the Westchester ARES/RACES email reflector and fax to the County Emergency Operations center at the times that the National Weather Service would normally have sent them.

Figure 4: Web Page at 5 a.m. October 3, 1997

Figure 5: Simulated Hurricane Sandy Track at 2 p.m. October 4, 1997

Figure 6: Simulated Hurricane Sandy Bulletin at 5 a.m. October 4, 1997

Update: Nearly 50 aftershocks follow Canada’s 7.7 earthquake

 IMAGE: Locator map of earthquake
Reuters 1 hr ago By Jeremy Hainsworth of Reuters
VANCOUVER, British Columbia — A magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck off the west coast of Canada, but there were no reports of major damage. Residents in parts of British Columbia were evacuated, but the province appeared to escape the biggest quake in Canada since 1949 largely unscathed.The U.S. Geological Survey said after the earthquake shook the waters around British Columbia just after 8 p.m. local time Saturday, it was followed by a 5.8 magnitude aftershock after several minutes. Nearly 50 other aftershocks have since been reported, with a typical magnitude range between 4.0 and 5.5, the highest measuring 6.3 at 11:54 a.m. on Sunday.The powerful temblor hit the Queen Charlotte Islands at a depth of about 3 miles and was centered 96 miles south of Masset, British Columbia. It was felt across a wide area in British Columbia, both on its Pacific islands and on the mainland.”It looks like the damage and the risk are at a very low level,” said Shirley Bond, British Columbia’s minister responsible for emergency management said. “We’re certainly grateful.”The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center lifted its tsunami advisory for Hawaii Sunday morning just before 4 a.m. local time, three hours after downgrading from a warning and less than six hours after the waves first hit the islands.Meanwhile, the National Weather Service canceled tsunami advisories for Canada, Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California.Tsunami Warning Center officials said wave heights were diminishing in Hawaii, though swimmers and boaters should be careful of strong or unusual currents. The biggest waves — about 5 feet high — appeared to hit Maui.There were no immediate reports of damage, though one person died in a fatal crash near a road that was closed because of the threat near Oahu’s north shore.Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie said the state was lucky to avoid more severe surges.”We’re very, very grateful that we can go home tonight counting our blessings,” Abercrombie said.Dennis Sinnott of the Canadian Institute of Ocean Science said a 27 inch wave was recorded off Langara Island on the northeast tip of Haida Gwaii, formerly called the Queen Charlotte Islands. The islands are home to about 5,000 people, many of them members of the Haida aboriginal group. Another 21 inch wave hit Winter Harbour on the northeast coast of Vancouver Island.Canada’s largest earthquake since 1700 was an 8.1 magnitude quake on August 22, 1949 off the coast of British Columbia, according to the Canadian government’s Natural Resources website. It occurred on the Queen Charlotte Fault in what the department called Canada’s equivalent of the San Andreas Fault — the boundary between the Pacific and North American plates that runs underwater along the west coast of the Haida Gwaii.In 1970 a 7.4 magnitude quake struck south of the Haida Gwaii.The quake struck 25 miles south of Sandspit, British Columbia, on the Haida Gwaii archipelago. People in coastal areas were advised to move to higher ground.

Urs Thomas, operator of the Golden Spruce hotel in Port Clements said there was no warning before everything began moving inside and outside the hotel. He said it lasted about three minutes.

“It was a pretty good shock,” Thomas, 59, said. “I looked at my boat outside. It was rocking. Everything was moving. My truck was moving.”

After the initial jolt, Thomas began to check the hotel.

“The fixtures and everything were still swinging,” he said. “I had some picture frames coming down.”

Lenore Lawrence, a resident of Queen Charlotte City on the Haida Gwaii, said the quake was “definitely scary,” adding she wondered if “this could be the big one.” She said the shaking lasted more than a minute. While several things fell off her mantle and broke, she said damage in her home was minimal.

Many on the B.C. mainland said the same.

“I was sitting at my desk on my computer and everything just started to move. It was maybe 20 seconds,” said Joan Girbav, manager of Pacific Inn in Prince Rupert, British Columbia. “It’s very scary. I’ve lived here all my life and I’ve never felt that.”

Residents rushed out of their homes in Tofino, British Columbia on Vancouver Island when the tsunami sirens sounded, but they were allowed to return about two hours after the quake.

In Hawaii, the tsunami warning spurred residents to stock up on essentials at gas stations and grocery stores and sent tourists in beachside hotels to higher floors in their buildings. Bus service into Waikiki was cut off an hour before the first waves, and police in downtown Honolulu shut down a Halloween block party. In Kauai, three schools used as evacuation centers quickly filled to capacity.

In Alaska, the wave or surge was recorded at 4 inches, much smaller than forecast, said Jeremy Zidek, a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The first wave hit Craig about two hours after the earthquake.

Associated Press writers Oskar Garcia in Honolulu, Hawaii, Mark Thiessen in Anchorage, Alaska, and Rob Gillies in Toronto contributed to this report.

Obama Ordered DHS to Control Hurricanes

Melissa Melton
October 30, 2012


While the debate rages regarding whether or not the U.S. government uses weather manipulation technology to steer storms like Hurricane Sandy, further evidence shows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has been engaged in research to do just that for years.

In 2008, an article in New Scientist discussed a new DHS project that funded research into guiding and directing the intensity of hurricanes.

Citing Hurricane Katrina as the basis for the project, the Hurricane Aerosol and Microphysics Program (HAMP) worked with Project Stormfury veteran Joe Golden and a panel of other experts “to test the effects of aerosols on the structure and intensity of hurricanes.” HAMP was funded under contract HSHQDC-09-C-00064 at a taxpayer price tag of $64.1 million.

In 2009, Richard Spinrad, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) assistant administrator for the Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research (OAR), sent then DHS Program Manager for Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA) William Laska an official memorandum regarding OAR’s review of a “Statement for Work” for HAMP.

“While OAR recognizes that weather modification, in general, is occurring through the funding of private enterprises, NOAA does not support research that entails efforts to modify hurricanes,” Spinrad wrote.

He then went on to list all the reasons Project Stormfury was discontinued, including the inability to separate the difference in hurricane behavior when human intervention is present versus nature’s inherent unpredictability overall. Spinrad also noted that any collaboration with DHS must occur within NOAA’s mission (which Spinrad and NOAA obviously felt HAMP did not do).

NOAA houses the National Hurricane Center, the primary U.S. organization responsible for tracking and predicting hurricanes. Recent budget cuts are expected to hit NOAA’s satellite program, the heart of the organization’s weather forecasting system, by $182 million.

Note that even Spinrad admits the existence of weather modification programs as if its general, accepted knowledge. Although DHS was turned down, the agency moved ahead with their research without NOAA’s participation.

A paper co-written by several participants in the HAMP project including Joe Golden entitled, “Aerosol Effects and Microstructure on the Intensity of Tropical Cyclones,” was released in the July 2012 Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. In conclusion, the authors wrote, “We recommend that hurricane reconnaissance and research airplanes are equipped with aerosol and cloud physics instruments and fly patterns that will allow such measurements.” Drone use in “areas where safety concerns preclude aircraft measurements” was also called for.

The spraying of aerosols into the air, otherwise known by the monicker “chemtrails,” is promoted under the guise of geoengineering with a surface excuse to halt global warming. The practice has been openly called for more and more recently, although the chemtrail phenomenon has already been reported across the globe for years now. In the Environmental Research Letters journal, scientists’ most recent geoengineering proposal detailed an “affordable” $5 billion project wherein airplanes will spray sulfur particles in the atmosphere to cool the planet.

In HAMP’s final report, authors concluded, “Pollution aerosols reduced the cloud drop size and suppressed the warm rain forming processes in the external spiral cloud bands of the storms.” It was also mentioned, “During the past decade it was found that aerosols (including anthropogenic ones) substantially affect cloud microphysics,” proving deliberate chemtrailing has been occurring for at least the past ten years.

Though the paper was labeled “final report,” further journal articles regarding HAMP have been released, and the HAMP project was reportedly not scheduled to end until 2016.


The question remains: With its bizarre combination of elements, was deliberate manipulation through HAMP research at play in Hurricane Sandy?

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Veteran weather modification expert Ben Livingston is a former Navy Physicist who briefed President Lyndon B. Johnson on the effectiveness of weather control back in the 1960′s during the Vietnam era, when he was involved in cloud seeding programs that worked to slow down the advance of Vietnamese and Korean troops. Livingston asserts that hurricane control was a national priority of the government more than 40 years ago and that the technology was fully operational to control the weather at the time.

Dr. Livingston was assigned in 1966 from the Naval weapons research Laboratory to a marine fighter squadron in Vietnam. Instead of guns, the aircraft under Livingston’s control were fitted with cloud seeding equipment. “My mission was to find clouds and seed them for maximum precipitation value” he stated.

Dr. Livingston presents evidence from the Stanford research Institute, who were brought into Project Storm Fury (a weather control program) in the late sixties as a third party, which stated conclusively that knowledge of how to stop hurricanes had been uncovered and that they would be directly liable should a hurricane hit and cause extensive damage and loss of life. Four decades later and Livingston exposes how the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina could have been greatly minimized but was allowed to fully impact Gulf states for political reasons.

Having personally flown on 265 missions into the eyes of hurricanes, Livingston remarks that he was “disgusted” by the failure to lessen the impact of Katrina. Livingston’s revelations that weather control has been a decades long program in which the US government has been deeply involved are particularly alarming given the abundant modern-day evidence of how chemtrails are being used to warp our environment in a secret geoengineering plot that threatens a myriad of unknown human health and ecological consequences.

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