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SINKHOLE UPDATE: June 9, 2013 Louisiana Sinkhole Bayou Corne



2013 June 08, Saturday
Bayou Corne Sinkhole, Louisiana

Weaving our way through clouds and some feisty winds, we made a quick trip over to the Bayou Corne sinkhole again today. We were eager to see it, since learning a few days ago that the berm (built since the sinkhole started expanding significantly last August) on the west and south side of the sinkhole had collapsed.  Indeed, as our video and photos from today attest, whatever false sense of security that berm provided is now gone forever. And with it, the residents’ last remaining hope that the sinkhole could be contained and they might be able to move back into their homes and their lovely way of life. Some of our favorite photos are shown below this video; and below those is a larger gallery of photos from today’s flight, our eighth flyover since August of 2012.

Let’s preface this with a sobering comparison of a few photos taken today with some we took last August:


Here are a few more favorite photos from today, followed by a video from today:


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Thanks to all of you who have donated to On Wings Of Care to help keep us able to fuel our plane and keep her safe so that we can provide this documentation to the residents and to whoever else is helping them and helping the growing environmental pollution associated with this sinkhole. We make these flights at no charge and no profit, solely for the purpose of trying to inform and benefit (if there is any way to do that) the residents of this once-beautiful community that has become a victim of poor planning by many. If you need high-resolution versions of any of our photos for your good purposes, please contact us.  We share readily but do ask that you respect our copyright by requesting, informing, and crediting us.

Here are additional photos from today at Bayou Corne:


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